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About Wuxi | 无锡


Wuxi, the “Taihu Pearl,” is a famous city for history and culture with more than 3000 years of history. At Shantouyu, praised as “the best place to view Taihu Lake,” the great Lingshan Buddha is majestic and heavy with incense, and the sense of Zen is palpable at Wuxi's Nianhua Bay has a strong Zen. Interesting and appealing antiquities with a long history are contained in the Donglin Academy. Jiangnan's famous Jichang, Li, and Mei Gardens display the exquisite garden appearance of Wuxi. Wuxi has had an abundance of quality products since ancient times and is China's famous “land of rice and fish.” The Taihu Sanbai ("three whites") whitefish, whitebait, and white prawn are all great delicacies of the area. The Huishan clay figurines, Wuxi spareribs, and Wuxi fried gluten balls are Wuxi's three best products and all make great gifts to take home with you.


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