MEVE 2019

2019 International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle Engineering

The conference program should be available to download at least one month before the conference.  



Program at a Glance (Pending)




November 22nd, 2019----- Conference Registration 
10:00A.M-16:00P.M  Participants Registration and Conference Kits Collection


November 23rd, 2019----- Morning ---Expert Speeches  
08:20A.M.-08:25A.M.  Opening Address
08:25A.M.-09:10A.M.  Keynote Speaker I  
09:10A.M.-09:55A.M.  Keynote Speaker II    
09:55A.M.-10:40A.M.  Keynote Speaker III  
10:40A.M.-11:05A.M.  Morning Break Time & Group Photo
11:05A.M.-11:50A.M.  Keynote Speaker IV   
12:00P.M.-1:30P.M.  Lunch Break Time

November 23rd, 2019---- Afternoon-----Oral/Poster Presentation 
1:30P.M.-13:00P.M.  Parallel Session I
Parallel Session II 
3:00P.M.-3:30P.M.  Afternoon Break Time
3:30P.M.-5:30P.M.  Parallel Session III  
Parallel Session IV  
6:00P.M.-7:30P.M.  Dinner 


November 24th, 2019 - Social Activity  
10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Social Activity